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Session: Gastrointestinal (Noncolorectal) Cancer

Type: Poster Session

Time: Monday June 3, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Location: Hall A

Session: Gastrointestinal (Noncolorectal) Cancer

Type: Poster Discussion Session

Time: Monday June 3, 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Location: Arie Crown Theater

Final report of a phase I/II study of veliparib (Vel) in combination with 5-FU and oxaliplatin (FOLFOX) in patients (pts) with metastatic pancreatic cancer (mPDAC).

Pancreatic Cancer

Gastrointestinal (Noncolorectal) Cancer

2019 ASCO Annual Meeting

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Poster Discussion Session (Board #120)

J Clin Oncol 37, 2019 (suppl; abstr 4015)

Author(s): Michael J. Pishvaian, Hongkun Wang, Sarah Parenti, Aiwu Ruth He, Jimmy J. Hwang, Lisa Ley, Holly Difebo, Brandon George Smaglo, Sunnie S. Kim, Benjamin Adam Weinberg, Louis M. Weiner, John Marshall, Jonathan Robert Brody; Georgetown University, Washington, DC; Levine Cancer Institute, Carolinas Health Care System, Charlotte, NC; Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX; The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

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Background: 17 – 25% of mPDACs harbor DNA damage response (DDR) mutations, the presence of which can be predictive of a response to platinum and PARP inhibitor-based therapy. The PARP inhibitor, Vel is a potent sensitizing agent for, and has been safely combined with DNA-damaging chemotherapies. Methods: We initiated a Phase I/II trial of Vel + FOLFOX in pts with mPDAC. Pts received standard mFOLFOX6 except without the 5FU bolus, Q2 weeks. For the Phase I portion, a 3+3 dose escalation of Vel identified a recommended Phase II dose of 200mg orally BID, days 1-7, Q2 weeks. For the Phase II portion, we enrolled two cohorts: 1) Untreated pts; 2) Previously treated pts. Also, for Phase II, pts were pre-selected if they had either a pathogenic germline or somatic DDR mutation (e.g. BRCA1/2, PALB2, ATM), and/or a family history suggestive of a breast or ovarian cancer syndrome (labelled FH+). Objective response rate (ORR) was the primary objective of the Phase II cohorts; key secondary endpoints were median progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). Results: Between 01-2011 and 12-2018, 64 pts received treatment, 31 in Phase I, and 15 untreated and 18 previously treated in Phase II. The combination was well tolerated, with the main Grade 3/4 AEs being myelosuppression (16%) and nausea/vomiting (6%). Of the 64 pts, 55% were male; median age was 64; 95% had an ECOG PS of 1; 78% were platinum-naïve; 69% were FH+; and 27% had a known DDR mutation. 57 pts were evaluable for response, and the ORR, PFS, and OS for the different pt subgroups are detailed below. The Phase II cohorts achieved the primary endpoint of an ORR ≥ 25%. Most notably, plat-naïve, FH+, and DDR mutation+ pts had an ORR of 58%. Conclusions: The combination of Vel + FOLFOX is safe, well tolerated, and shows promising efficacy particularly in plat-naïve pts who are FH+ and/or harbor DDR mutations. A randomized trial to assess the contribution of Vel to the regimen is warranted. Clinical trial information: NCT01489865

Category (n)ORR (%)mPFS (mos)mOS (mos)
All pts (57)263.78.5
Plat-Naïve (43)335.39.4
Prior Plat (14)71.95.0
FH+ (43)304.310.1
No FH (14)143.55.5
DDR mutation+ (16)507.211.1
No mutation (41)173.56.8
Plat-Naïve, FH+, DDR+ (12)588.711.8

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