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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Hematologic Malignancies—Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

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Pd-l1 gene alterations to identify a subset of diffuse large B cell lymphoma that harbor a T cell inflamed phenotype.

James K. Godfrey


90 yttrium-ibritumomab tiuxetan consolidation of first remission in advanced-stage follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma: Updated results after a median follow-up of 8.5 years from the GOTEL trial.

Mariano Provencio-Pulla


A basal gene expression signature to predict for synergy of combined EZH2 and HDAC inhibition in EZH2 dysregulated lymphomas.

Jennifer Kimberly Lue


A phase 1 open-label, safety, pharmacokinetic, and preliminary efficacy study of STRO-001, an anti-CD74 antibody drug conjugate, in patients with advanced B-cell malignancies.

Amrita Y. Krishnan


A phase 1, open-label, multicenter, non-randomized study to assess the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and preliminary antitumor activity of AZD4573, a potent and selective CDK9 inhibitor, in subjects with relapsed or refractory hematological malignancies.

Simon Rule


A phase 3 study comparing polatuzumab vedotin plus R-CHP versus R-CHOP in patients with DLBCL (POLARIX).

Herve Tilly


A phase II trial of bevacizumab-GemAOD regimen for newly diagnosed extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma.

Zhiming Li


A phase III open label randomized study to compare the efficacy of lenalidomide-rituximab vs bendamustine-rituximab in treatment naive follicular lymphoma.

Susanta Kumar Paikaray


A population-based evaluation of demographics and survival in primary effusion lymphoma: SEER database analysis.

John Khoury


A proposal for a new staging system for extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma, nasal type, to predict the treatment strategy: A multicentre study from the Chinese Southwest Oncology Group and Asia Lymphoma Study Group.

Tongyu Lin


A retrospective study of double-hit lymphomas in elderly patients (> 70 years): Overall outcomes.

Christie Hancock


A retrospective study of the treatment-associated mortality of the patients with primary ocular adnexal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma after the molecular and immunological diagnosis.

Yuya Masuda


Acalabrutinib alone or in combination with rituximab (R) in follicular lymphoma (FL).

Nathan Hale Fowler


Acalabrutinib combined with PI3Kδ inhibitor ACP-319 in patients (pts) with relapsed/refractory (R/R) B-cell malignancies.

Paul M. Barr


Acalabrutinib in patients (pts) with Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM).

Roger Owen


Acalabrutinib monotherapy in patients (pts) with relapsed/refractory (R/R) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

Martin JS Dyer


Activity and tolerabilty of the first-in-class anti-CD47 antibody Hu5F9-G4 with rituximab tolerated in relapsed/refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma: Initial phase 1b/2 results.

Ranjana H. Advani


AMC075: A randomized phase II trial of vorinostat with R-EPOCH in aggressive HIV-related NHL.

Juan Carlos Ramos


Baseline PET-CT functional parameters to identify low-grade versus grade 3A follicular lymphoma.

Ajay Major


Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL): The French Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA) registry data.

Corinne Haioun


Characterization of the immunogenomic landscape of follicular lymphoma.

Paola Dama


Circulating tumor DNA to predict timing of relapse in mantle cell lymphoma.

Mark J. Roschewski


Copanlisib treatment in patients with relapsed or refractory indolent B-cell lymphoma: Subgroup analyses of diabetic patients from the phase II CHRONOS-1 study.

Martin H. Dreyling


Current trends and inpatient outcomes of venous thromboembolism-related admissions among patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: A Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database analysis.

Xavier Alberto Andrade Gonzalez


Delayed subspecialist referral in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: Predictive factors and impact on disease status and mortality.

Joanna Zurko


DEVEC metronomic schedule for aggressive B and T-cell lymphomas.

Maria Christina COX


Discover BCL6 translocations partner gene in diffuse large b-cell lymphoma by target-captured next generation sequencing.

Hui Zhou


DLBCL in Hispanics: The University of Miami (UM) experience.

Moises Harari Turquie


DLBCL outcomes in Malawi: Effect of HIV and derivation of a simplified prognostic score.

Matthew Painschab


Dose-adjusted (DA)-EPOCH-R with high-dose methotrexate (HD-MTX) for newly diagnosed stage II-IV CD5-positive diffuse large B-cell Iymphoma (CD5+ DLBCL): Primary analysis of PEARL5 study.

Kana Miyazaki


Early detection of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder using circulating tumor DNA.

Joanne Soo


Effects of bendamustine, bortezomib, and rituximab on 1-year survival rates in elderly patients newly diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma.

Shuangshuang Fu


Efficacy of up-front hematopoietic cell transplantation in peripheral t-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified (PTCL-NOS): A National Cancer Database analysis.

Bhagirathbhai R. Dholaria


Factors associated with duration of response after CD19-specific CAR-T cell therapy for refractory/relapsed B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Jordan Gauthier


Genetic analysis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma occurring in cases with antecedent Waldenström macroglobulinaemia.

Dipti Talaulikar


High RDW as a predictive and prognostic factor in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with chemoimmunotherapy.

Sally Paredes


Ibrutinib in association with R-DHAP/ox for patients with relapsed/refractory b-cell lymphoma: Results of the escalating phase of the BIBLOS phase Ib LYSA study.

Christophe Marc Bonnet


ILyAD (Indolent Lymphoma and Vitamin D): A phase III double blind, prospective randomized trial to evaluate the supplemental effect of vitamin D on progression-free survival in patients with low tumor-burden indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma treated with rituximab therapy.

Michael Brady


Impact of histologic type on survival in primary testicular lymphomas.

Taha Al-Juhaishi


Initial results of a dose escalation study of a selective and structurally differentiated PI3Kδ inhibitor, ME-401, in relapsed/refractory (R/R) follicular lymphoma (FL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL).

Jacob Drobnyk Soumerai


Lenalidomide with R-IMED (rituximab, ifosfamide, methotrexate, etoposide and dexamethasone) in refractory or relapsed non-GCB diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: A phase II clinical trial.

Tongyu Lin


Long term follow-up (FU) of lenalidomide plus R-CHOP therapy in patients with newly diagnosed diffuse large b-cell lymphoma (DLBCL): Combined analysis from two phase 2 trials.

Alessia Castellino


Multi-center retrospective study evaluating outcomes of grade 3A follicular lymphoma (FL).

Kyle Greene


Novel formulation of cannabinoid analogues used in cancer therapy.

Tori Strong


Outcome of young patients with blastoid variant mantle cell lymphoma: An analysis of 138 patients.

James Gerson


Outcomes in newly diagnosed diffuse large B cell lymphoma presenting with hepatic and/ or renal dysfunction.

Srinivasa Reddy Sanikommu


Outcomes in patients with marginal zone lymphomas undergoing transformation to high-grade lymphomas.

Juan Pablo Alderuccio


Outcomes of patients with MYC-expressing aggressive B cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas who fail two or more lines of therapy.

Daniel Jeffrey Landsburg


Overall survival (OS) and transplantation (ASCT) utilization in real-world patients with relapsed/refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (RR-DLBCL).

Chadi Nabhan


Phase I/II clinical trial of ibrutinib and buparlisib in relapsed/refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, and follicular lymphoma.

Connie Lee Batlevi


Phase II study of the PD1-inhibitor pembrolizumab for the treatment of relapsed or refractory mature t-cell lymphoma.

Stefan K. Barta


Predictors of disease progression in smoldering Waldenström macroglobulinemia.

Saurabh Zanwar


Predictors of early vs late diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) relapses in the Rituximab era.

Jasmin Jiemin Koh


Primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of testis: Clinical and morphological features.

Sotnikova Olga


Primary testicular lymphoma: Treatment patterns and survival of 1740 men from the National Cancer Database.

Fernando Caumont


Quality of life in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma subjects treated with anti-CCR4 monoclonal antibody mogamulizumab versus vorinostat: Results from the phase 3 MAVORIC trial.

Pierluigi Porcu


Radiation therapy in primary testicular lymphoma (PTL): Does practice match the standard of care?

Thomas Ollila


Radiotherapy (RT) to bulky (B) and extralymphatic (E) disease in combination with 6xR-CHOP-14 or R-CHOP-21 in young good-prognosis DLBCL patients: Results of the 2x2 randomized UNFOLDER trial of the DSHNHL/GLA.

Michael Pfreundschuh


Randomized phase 2 trial of polatuzumab vedotin (pola) with bendamustine and rituximab (BR) in relapsed/refractory (r/r) FL and DLBCL.

Laurie Helen Sehn


Randomized, open-label, phase Ⅱ trial of everolimus versus thalidomide in patients achieving remission after first-line therapy for high-risk diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

He Huang


R-CHOP preceded by blood-brain barrier permeabilization (BBBp) by NGR-tumor necrosis factor (NGR-hTNF) in patients with relapsed or refractory primary CNS lymphoma (rrPCNSL): First results of the “INGRID” phase II trial.

Andres J. Ferreri


Relationship between MRD and PET responses and PFS in previously untreated follicular lymphoma in the GALLIUM trial.

Judith Trotman


RELEVANCE: Phase III randomized study of lenalidomide plus rituximab (R2) versus chemotherapy plus rituximab, followed by rituximab maintenance, in patients with previously untreated follicular lymphoma.

Nathan Hale Fowler


Response rate to lenalidomide plus rituximab (R2) as independent of number of prior lines of therapy: Interim analysis of initial phase of MAGNIFY phase IIIb study of R2 followed by maintenance in relapsed/refractory indolent NHL.

David Andorsky


Results of real-time cell-of-origin subtype identification by gene expression profiling in patients with ABC-type diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the phase III trial of lenalidomide plus R-CHOP vs placebo plus R-CHOP (ROBUST).

Grzegorz S. Nowakowski


Retrospective analysis of 115 unselected patients with mantle cell lymphoma: Single center experience.

Guldane Cengiz Seval


Risk and types of secondary primary malignancies in DLBCL survivors changes over time based on stage at diagnosis.

Ajay Major


Rituximab maintenance for mantle cell lymphoma: A meta-analysis.

Talal Hilal


Romidepsin activity in T follicular helper(TFH)-phenotype PTCL versus non TFH treated on the same clinical trials.

Paola Ghione


Safety and efficacy of anti-CD20 immunotoxin MT-3724 in relapsed/refractory (R/R) B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in a phase I study.

Michelle A. Fanale


Safety and efficacy of GVD and anti-PD-1 (SHR-1210) regimen with or without low-dose decitabine priming for refractory bulky and aggressive primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma.

Wenying Zhang


Tenalisib, a dual PI3K δ/γ inhibitor: Safety and efficacy results from an on-going phase I/Ib study in relapsed/refractory T-cell lymphoma.

Yasuhiro Oki


The average relative dose intensity of R-CHOP as an independent prognostic factor determining overall survival in diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients.

Monika Długosz-Danecka


The dual SYK/JAK inhibitor cerdulatinib demonstrates rapid tumor responses in a phase 2 study in patients with relapsed/refractory B- and T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

Paul A. Hamlin


The effect of duvelisib, a dual inhibitor of PI3K-δ,γ, on components of the tumor microenvironment in previously untreated follicular lymphoma.

Carla Casulo


The effects of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents on the management of chemotherapy-induced anemia and tumor growth in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients.

Ho Sup Lee


Tolerability and response of the novel SYK/JAK inhibitor cerdulatinib in a phase 2a study in relapsed/refractory peripheral t cell lymphoma (PTCL).

Steven M. Horwitz


Treatment approach for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients since first biosimilars of rituximab approved in EU5.

Alessandra Franceschetti


Two years rituximab maintenance vs. observation after first line treatment with bendamustine plus rituximab (B-R) in patients with marginal zone lymphoma (MZL): Results of a prospective, randomized, multicenter phase 2 study (the StiL NHL7-2008 MAINTAIN trial).

Mathias J. Rummel


Updated safety and long term clinical outcomes in TRANSCEND NHL 001, pivotal trial of lisocabtagene maraleucel (JCAR017) in R/R aggressive NHL.

Jeremy S. Abramson


ZUMA-7: A phase 3 randomized trial of axicabtagene ciloleucel (Axi-Cel) versus standard-of-care (SOC) therapy in patients with relapsed/refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma (R/R DLBCL).

Olalekan O. Oluwole